Overflowing with Praise

May my lips overflow with praise, for you teach me your decrees. Psalm 119:171

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easton's First Week

Time is flying by, and I have let a few weeks slip by before writing this. I am going to do my best to recap!

Dates: June 19th-26th

Easton was born on the Wednesday the 19th and we came home on the Thursday the 20th. See the previous posts for his birth story and time in the hospital.
First Day at Home

On Friday, Daniel and I gave Easton his first little bath at home. Daniel's mom came over and Daniel and his dad took on a project in our house. Our microwave had stopped working (a small microwave I had bought for college) so off they went to Home Depot. They were able to install this microwave above our stove, which made SO much space on our counter. Ms. Tracy made us chicken enchilada casserole for dinner and Ms. Christy brought over goodies from our church.
First Bath

On Saturday, Easton had his first doctor appointment. Since our pediatrician was out of town (she did get to examine him at the hospital), we saw the other pediatrician at their office. He was so nice. Easton had dropped 13oz and was down to 7 lbs. He said this was normal and to come in one day the next week for a weight check. Everything looked great and we were on our way.
1st Doctor Visit

Look at those legs!

Chase and Stephanie dropped by to bring us lunch and see little Easton. Later, Uncle Robby, Aunt Nancy, and Rachel came to see him and my parents dropped by after their anniversary day trip. (Happy Anniversary! ~ of course they had already gotten their anniversary present - their first grandchild! :-)
Stephanie and Chase

Sweet Boy

Rachel (my cousin)

My Uncle Robby and Aunt Nancy

My proud dad with his grandson

On Sunday, Daniel's mom came over and brought lunch and Celinda from church  brought dinner later. Daniel went and spent a little time with his dad at the cabin. His parents had come into town for a couple of weeks, but were going to be different places for the rest of the week. We also took Easton on his first walk.
Loves to stretch those legs out!

First Walk

On Monday, my mom and Mariah came over and helped clean the house a little. My grandmother came to visit and brought us a yummy dinner.
Easton's great-grandmother

On Tuesday, my mom and I took Easton for his newborn pictures. This was the first day we had really gotten out with him other than his doctor appointment. Boy was it a day! I had no idea how hard it was to get newborn pictures! Little did I know that they had to be SOUND asleep to get him to cooperate. Our appointment was at 10:30 and at 11:45 we took our first picture. We tried everything in the books to get him to sleep (so we thought), and finally thought to swaddle him for a picture and it went from there. Three hours later we had some adorable pictures! Then it was lunch at Five Guys and a trip to my work to take his insurance forms. It was raining, so I didn't take him in but a few co-workers came out to the car to see him. Eva from church made us dinner and Ryan and Dana came over to see him after dinner. See the next post for more newborn pictures!
One of Easton's poses for his newborn pics

On Wednesday, Pastor Jeff and Candi came over to meet Easton and pray for him. My mom came and helped around the house some, and later my grandparents stopped by to see him. Baileigh brought us a delicious dinner. We have been spoiled with dinners!
Easton and Mammy

Me, Baileigh, and Easton

One Week Old!

What we used this week: Newborn diapers and onesies, gowns with hand covers, swaddle blankets, fisher price rock'n sleeper, nuk pacifiers, pack n play with changer and bassinet, boppy

He sleeps in the fisher price rock'n sleeper every night and moved to his room after the first few nights.

Friday, July 12, 2013

After Birth at the Hospital - Wednesday and Thursday (Part III)

Wednesday, June 19th (Continued)

We had a great stay at the hospital. My parents, sisters, and grandparents and Daniel's parents were all there until late afternoon the day Easton was born. Ms. Sarah stopped by with our cute door decoration that afternoon and Lauren and her mom brought some goodies. Baileigh dropped in after work and then Daniel and I relaxed the rest of the evening. It had been a tiring 24 hours!
Ms. Sarah with me and Easton
Lauren with us

My sisters loved their new nephew!

Proud parents!

Baileigh and Easton

Goodies for the nurses and visitors

Cute door decorations from Ms. Sarah and Baileigh

Thursday, June 20th
On Thursday morning, I ordered breakfast, got a shower, and we went to see Easton in the nursery. He had stayed with us through the night, but went to the nursery that morning so we could get ready. While we were in the nursery, Easton's pediatrician came to see him. She said everything looked great. She also gave us the ok to go home that day. We were ready to go home since we had already been there two nights. My doctor also had to give us the ok after she performed his circumcision. She was fine with it as well. On Thursday, my family visited again and Daniel's parents and sister-in-law and nieces and nephews came. Once everyone left and we got packed up, we met with the baby nurse and my nurse and were released to go home. 

We dressed him up the second day. The hospital just had him in a shirt and diaper. 

My sister-in-law Erin brought her kids to see us.

Ready to go home!
We left the hospital around 4:30pm on Thursday and Daniel's brother David and his wife Kelley brought us pizza and visited. It was a weird feeling leaving the hospital with a little boy in the back seat knowing that we would be taking care of him on our own that night. It was exciting though, and our first night at home went great!

Easton's Birth Day - Wednesday, June 19th (Part II)

I woke up at 5am to a pretty strong contraction. We did not sleep very good that night, but had not had much activity either. Contractions had died down but they had to come re-position the monitor every time I moved it seemed like. So from 5am until about 9:30am I just worked through the contractions as they got more and more intense.

 At 7cm, I decided I could really use the epidural. Not only were the contractions really strong, but I had run out of energy to fight them off, much less deliver the baby. I had not eaten anything since dinner Tuesday and didn't eat hardly anything then I was so anxious. So the nurse started the IV, got the anesthesiologist, and I had the epidural at 10:30am. It went great and was not very painful, just one sharp sting. As they were laying me back down from the epidural, my water broke. Everything went so quickly from here.

Our wonderful nurse, Ashley, called in the doctor since I was now at 9cm. The doctor agreed that we were ready to start pushing. It is so crazy to me that the nurse pretty much does everything. Ashley was awesome and took care of me so well. She began the pushing at about 12:00pm and then made the call that the baby was ready to come. Dr. Cline checked me and I was +2, it took just a few pushes and we saw our little one's head and just a couple more before she was setting our little guy on my chest. Easton Daniel Roberts was born at 12:28pm. Labor went really well - I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Easton had a little bit of trouble breathing when he first came out, but after the nurses pumped a little bit of oxygen in him and cleaned all the gunk out, he was breathing fine and had no more issues. Once he was all cleaned up they gave him back to me for Daniel and I to spend some time with him. I then was able to nurse him.

Once we did that, Daniel went and got the family. My parents, sisters, and grandparents and Daniel's parents were all there to see Easton.We had him in the room for about three hours before they took him back to measure and bathe him.