Overflowing with Praise

May my lips overflow with praise, for you teach me your decrees. Psalm 119:171

Friday, September 20, 2013

8 Weeks

Easton is 8 Weeks Old!

Dates: August 8th - 14th

It was this week we discovered that Easton was out growing his 3 month clothes! He was so long that we can barely get the outfits with footies to fit. We began putting him in some 6 month clothes along with his 3 month stuff. He is really starting to get a personality, too! He is eating every three hours and wakes up once during the night. Still sleeps like a big boy in his crib!

Postpartum: I went this week for my postpartum check-up. My doctor has been on vacation, which is why it has been 8 weeks rather than 6. He released me to do everything I had been doing before baby. Everything really went well after delivery except for a few irregularities and the infection. I bounced back and am glad my body has healed quickly. I do have some stretch marks, but they are diminishing. I have been using Mederma for stretch marks since I came home from the hospital. I could tell they were pretty bad so I had ordered it before I had Easton. 

Still loves his baths! 

Love when he falls asleep in my lap! I will miss this.

One of my absolute FAVORITE pictures. Does not get any cuter than this.

We got a monitor, FINALLY! And we LOVE it. Definitely recommend it.
I love seeing this sweet sleeping baby whenever I want.

He stays propped up well. He is doing a great job holding his head up.

Loves the stroller. I think this was the first walk he stayed awake to check out everything!
(We found out today that Easton's little buddy Vann was born! They are just 2 months apart!)

Stephanie and Justice came for a visit. We had fun with them!

Yes, the pups are still here. They have gotten use to the baby now. 
I know I will enjoy watching Easton play with them one day.

And he is 8 weeks old! I love this little outfit my mom got him.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

7 Weeks

Dates: August 1st - August 7th

One of our most special times while I was out of work - we went to visit my great grandmother and great aunt in the nursing home and rehabilitation center. We got some very special pictures that I will always cherish.

Five Generations

Love this picture too of my mom with her mom and grandson.

We had a first little date night as a family of three. We went to On The Border to eat, Academy, and Sams. We enjoyed getting out and Easton did great.

I never get tired of looking at this sweet boy, and as you can tell, never stop taking pictures of him.
He is really starting to get a personality!
We still love the bouncer, blossom bath, activity mat, pack'n'play, Britax b-safe carseat and b-agile stroller, and now are beginning to use the swing some.

I mean, look how adorable!

We got Easton's birth announcements and they could not have turned out better! I am in LOVE!

Another week...

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

6 Weeks Old!

Dates: July 25th - July 31st

We made a trip to visit Daniel's brother's family this weekend. I love the picture of Erin (my SIL and Easton's aunt) holding him. I tried to snap a picture of Daniel holding Easton, but he didn't understand why and started laughing. There is nothing sweeter than your hubby loving on your son.

A few pictures...

Easton's birth announcement was in the newspaper this week.

My mom was at the beach on her birthday, so we sent her this birthday message (Easton wouldn't smile - I think he wanted to be at the beach with her) -

We started getting ready for our beach trip and got this new umbrella. We tried it out one evening in the driveway.

Here's that face again...

Growing too fast!

Monday, September 16, 2013

5 Weeks!

Dates: July 18th - 24th

Easton turned one month old on July 19th!

This week, Easton began sleeping in his crib. The first few days, it was just naps during the day and then we transitioned him into the crib at night. He did really good with the change. After a few days, he was sleeping just as good as he had been in the Rock'n'Play Sleeper. We wanted him to start laying flat on his back as soon as we felt he was ready. This worked out great for us.
We went to the doctor this week for Easton's one month check up. He weighed 10 lb 10oz and was 20 1/2 inches long. Everything looked great, and he is growing so fast. We will not go again until he is 2 months.
I am still nursing and periodically pumping, and it is going well. We enjoy going for walks in the mornings some days. Mommy stays busy whether at home or on the go. We like to get out of the house and go visit grandma.

You will see in several of these pictures, Easton's mouth is in an O-shape. This is the face Easton makes when he is going poopie. When we see him doing this, we say he is "doing his monkey business." So cute!!