Overflowing with Praise

May my lips overflow with praise, for you teach me your decrees. Psalm 119:171

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Yes...that's me!!! I win the worst blogger award since it has been two months since I last blogged. That is terrible. Don't think it's because I have had nothing to blog about, because we have been so busy and I have plenty to blog about.

Newest on the list...I joined the iPhone world! I absolutely love my new iPhone 4S! Yes, I talk to her...sometime she understands my southern drawl, and sometimes not. Either way, I love it! I am hoping that I will blog more now, because my main draw back for blogging more often is downloading pictures. Hopefully I will just pull pics of my phone now. So...thanks to the iPhone we can catch up on my last week!

This is how we have been spending many evenings...relaxing with our dogs by the fire. We love our new wood stove. It heats up the whole house! The puppies are adjusting well to life at our house. They are so much fun!

Secondly, a good friend of mine had her baby! Mason Andrew Thomas was born November 22nd to Amber and Andrew Thomas. We got to go visit the little guy last week. He is adorable! Look at those proud parents.   

My sister, Olivia's, birthday was Friday, and we all celebrated at Outback. Here are some pics! Can't believe she is 15!!!

Lastly, Saturday I went to a good friends' wedding shower! My roommate in college last year is getting married in 2 weeks. It was so fun celebrating such a special time in her life. We enjoyed playing many games, including designing her wedding dress. We are so excited about attending their wedding.

If you're wondering why I all of the sudden have time to write, I am out of town for work allll week! This is the first time Daniel and I have spent a night away from each other, and it is for three or four nights. It is very strange being away from him!

Have a wonderful week! Can't believe Christmas is less than three weeks away!!!


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Fall decor

Ok, so I have joined the world of pinterest and there are so many great decorating ideas. It makes me want to do lots of decorating. For now, I used some fabric pumpkins I bought at Gold Rush last year. I decorated my mantle with them. I really like how it turned out. The Gold Rush festival in Dahlonega is so much fun. Knowing that I would be married in our own house, last year i stocked up on decorations. Pumpkings, stockings, wood bowl, and framed photos that spelled out our name. Speaking of Gold Rush, it is next weekend! Really hoping I get to make it up there!

Oh, and our new wood burning stove makes the mantle look pretty good too! I'm so excited about having this when it gets real cold. Enjoy fall! Winter will be here before we know it, or want it!


Friday, October 7, 2011

New Additions!!

Well friends, it is time to introduce the newest members of our family! Here are Sierra and Echo, our border terriers.

They arrived this afternoon via Delta Cargo from Arkansas.

The only bad part about that meant Friday Atlanta traffic. But, it was well worth it! We were so excited to get them home. They are adorable. Much smaller than I pictured, but that is even better! Sierra is a lot smaller than Echo, but she is definitely the feisty one. We were able to play outside with them for a little while, then brought them in.

Love this picture!
When we got them home we realized quickly that we needed another crate. One was not enough. We got on Craigslist and found someone who had two for a great price and we were able to get them tonight.

After a vist from my mom and sister, we are all settled in! Looking forward to spending the day tomorrow as one big happy family! Have a restful weekend!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Puppy Hunting

I want a puppy! If you have known me my whole life, you are probably wondering if this is really me. I've never been a dog lover. Honestly, I've never cared about dogs at all. In college, of ALL philanthropies my sorority could have had, ours was the Dahlonega Humane Society. Yes, the most miserable two hours of every semester, walking dogs and playing with cats. The smell of the place just made me want to puke. Not to mention, all the convicts worked there. Not fun. So yeah, definitely didn't change for me in college. But...when Daniel and I got married he already had Abrum. I fell in love with him. Over the summer, before I got my job and I was home alone every day, I felt like he was my protector. I liked knowing I was not completely by myself. I loved it when I could finally tell that he recognized me and knew me as one of his owners.

So, since he's been gone, we have started looking for a new dog. Like I said in my last post, we have fallen in love with border terriers. We've just run into one problem. Well, two problems. There are no breeders around here. And the puppies we do find are priced over $1,000 dollars. Not happening. So, we have been on the computer ALL weekend looking for a puppy. Still no luck. We've been emailing back and forth with lots of people. And yesterday we spent the day with my parents. They are looking for a puppy now, too. They don't know what kind yet though. So we puppy hunted ALL day! It was a lot of fun though. But, now, I just want a puppy!

How much is that doggie in the window?
How much is that doggy in the window?

On a different note, we got to meet Stephanie, Chase, and Mercie for dinner Friday night at Outback. I was so glad to get to see them. Mercie is still so tiny!! Here are some pictures of us.

Stephanie and Chase

Me and Daniel

Afterwards, we went to pick up some camping stuff we need for our camping trip next weekend. I got a sleeping bag and we got those self-inflating pads to put under our sleeping bags. We had way too much fun in the Coleman outlet.

Saturday, we pretty much spent the day at my parents'. We got bbq plates, covered the pool, puppy hunted, and ordered some delicious Johnny's pizza.

And today...church, grocery shopping, puppy hunting, blogging....

Have a fabulous week!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Too Long!

It has been entirely too long since I have blogged. This is becoming a trend that I have got to stop. I have been exhausted. When I finally sit down in the evenings, I don't want to waste the time starting up "Old Bessie," which would be my loyal laptop that I have had since graduating high school. Maybe Daniel will get me a new one for Christmas! Hint Hint!! Where to start today, I don't even know.

I'm going to start with our emotionally exhausting last week. If you read my last post about Abrum, I want to start by saying that his sickness was nothing that happened while he was at the breeder's. But, sadly, last Monday Abrum left this Earth and went to a far better place with no more suffering. It got a lot worse after my last post. Abrum completely stopped eating and had lost fifty pounds. After three trips to the vet and an overnight stay, the vet discovered that Abrum's kidneys were failing. This was making him turn up his nose at any food. Daniel had raised Abrum from a puppy. He even went to Kentucky to get him. He was only four years old, and it all happened so fast! We were not prepared at all. In the end, it was Abrum's time. It took  the whole week for us to recover. We were physically, mentally,and emotionally exhausted!

So, now, we're on the puppy hunt. Not just any puppy, and we're in no rush. But, I have to admit I'm pretty excited! We're looking at border terriers right now. Daniel wants one he can train up to hunt with him. And my requirements are that it's cute. :) Check out these puppies that we are looking at now!
Last Saturday, I went to the Heart Walk in Gainesville to represent my accounting firm. Me, Ryan, Zach, and their wives had a great time. We walked three miles (almost!). Ryan was a TOP Walker. We got a great laugh out of that, since he was just in charge of collecting the money at our office. It was a lot of fun though and I enjoyed the exercise. Check out more pictures on Dana's blog here.

Then I left there and went and met Daniel and his family out at the property. We enjoyed the rest of the day riding four wheelers and the guys did a little shooting and I played with the kids. We had Daniel's parents over Sunday for dinner. It was good getting to visit with them some over the weekend. I got to meet his uncle too, so that was neat.

After our wonderful weeknd, we got more bad news this week. My parents' cocker spaniel, Freddie, that I grew up with was sick, so my parents tok him to the vet. He had to be put to sleep this week. We got him when I was in sixth grade. So, it was a sad day for my family. He will be missed. He was such a great family dog. So, no, we are not having much luck with animals lately.

Hopefully I will blog some more this weekend. Hoping to take some pictures in this beautiful fall weather. Also hoping to get my fall decor out and snap some shots of our new wood stove. Hopefully tonight I will get to see baby Mercie. Haven't seen her since I went to the hospital!

Enjoy your lovely weekend!!

Monday, September 5, 2011

The Big Apple...a trip to the past

When Savannah at Savannah Smiles posted that she and Josh are going to New York and asked for ideas, I wanted to comment. But...just like my blogging, I haven't been doing much commenting either. Just been reading my favorites. So instead of just commenting, I thought I would reminisce a little and post a few of my favorites places we went in New York.

During Spring Break of my Senior year of high school, over FOUR years ago--hard to believe--my mom and Lauren's mom took me and Lauren to New York City! It was one of the funnest trips I've ever been on! We had so much fun (until the trip home...but we won't go there)!

So Savannah...here are some musts!

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum

Serendipity for some frozen hot chocolate -- it is delicious!!!

Empire State Building -- the view is amazing, just dress warm!!!

Statue of Liberty -- gotta go there!

Central Park -- Make sure you strike a pose in the Friends Fountain. We took a ride around the park and enjoyed it a lot!

M&M World and Dylan's Candy Bar
Good Morning America (or another morning show!)

Some other restaurants we enjoyed: Brooklyn Diner for Breakfast, Maui Tacos for dinner, Johnny's New York Style Pizza for dinner (best pizza ever!)

Hope y'all have fun!!! I'm sure you will! Best advice --dress warm and take rain jackets and umbrellas! Oh, and make SURE you get on the right subway! :)

I'm Back!!!

It has been a while! I've missed blogging the past couple of weeks. Excuses...I haven't taken ANY pictures lately and just haven't made the time to get out my laptop and blog. So, no excuses on this day off of work. Especially since we have had some exciting things going on lately!

Daniel got a new truck! It was much needed with his lawn business, and we are enjoying it. I'm looking forward to having heated seats during the winter! :) Here it is!

Football has started! Even though the Dawgs let us down Saturday, We enjoyed watching the game at my parents'. Daniel has agreed that he is going to give the Dawgs a chance this year and 'tolerate' them, but he will still be a Gator fan. (I think he know the Gators aren't going to be any good this year...) Even though the Dawgs lost, the Dragons are off to a great start! I enjoyed going to the first game of the season with Mom and watched them "catch the tiger by the tail" and defeat Commerce. I was also excited to hear that we won Friday, too, defeating North Hall (where many of my co-workers went to high school)! I just love football season!

This year, the Roberts Family decided to have a Fantasy Football league. Daniel and I both have teams along with his brothers and their wives. I'm excited about it. I got a good team, and I think it is going to be a lot of fun.

My good friend, Stephanie, had her baby Thursday! Finally! She was more than ready to meet her baby girl, as we all were, since she came the day after her due date. I got to go see her Friday at the hospital, and she is precious!! They are all home and doing good. I can't wait to see her again! No babies for us anytime soon, but I have enjoyed being around so many babies lately. After seeing Mercie on Friday, I got to babysit two precious little boys on Friday.

Mercie Lynn

Steph and Mercie
 Last but not least, last night one of my best friends, Baileigh, brought over her new boyfriend, Brett, for us to meet. We had a lot of fun grilling out and playing Phase 10. Daniel was so excited that he won the game. He claims I always win. The guys enjoyed lawn care talk while Baileigh and I enjoyed catching up. We approve! :)

Baileigh and Brett

One more note...I didn't realize I had so much to blog about! Our dog, Abram, has been gone for several weeks. Some owners of another English Mastive wanted to breed their dog with him so we let him stay over there for a couplel of weeks. We finally got him back yesterday, and sadly he came home in pretty bad shape. He looks like he's lost a good bit of weight and has cuts all over him. I think he misses his girlfriend too. We bathed him and are taking good care of him. Hopefully he'll be back to his normal self very soon!

Have a great Labor Day!! Enjoy the rain!

Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's The Little Things...

It's funny how it's the little things in life that make us happy! Thursday night I came home to this...

Thankfully, we had planned Zaxby's night so I had brought food home. Don't know how I would have cooked without running water. Our sink had been leaking lately, and apparently Daniel thought it was time for a new one. So...today we went to Lowe's and picked us out a new one. We came home and Daniel put it in in no time! [So glad we never have to pay that $99 installation fee!!!] I love it! I didn't like the other one any way because it was really low and I could barely fit our pots under it to wash them. We made sure this one was higher. Such a little thing, that sink made my day! Not only does it look nicer, but it has more water pressure, doesn't leak, and lets me get everything out of my laundry room floor and back under the cabinet! Here it is!

It's funny how much fun going to Lowe's or Home Depot is now. We always check everything out, scoping out the next thing we will purchase. I can't wait until we build a home one day and we get to pick out all the kitchen appliances! Today we checked out the refrigerators, dishwashers, and washing machines. None of those any time soon, knock on wood!!! We did a lot of checking out today...we also went to the Ford dealer looking at vehicles and the Verizon store looking at phones. Just came home with a faucet though. Daniel did order him this new rugged phone online when we got home.

Last night, I got to have a girls night, another one of those little things! I enjoyed going out with Baileigh and some of her friends to eat Mexican and see The Help! It was so good. Humbling, to say the least. I really enjoyed the movie, and am going to read the book now. Backwards, I know, but I think I would really enjoy the book.

Looking forward to trying out a Sunday school class tomorrow! For now, enjoying the rest of our Saturday and hope you are too!!. Excited about fajitas tonight!!! :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011


I am very blessed with family. Daniel and I both have wonderful families. I am fortunate enough to have a great grandmother in my life. She is an amazing lady. Not only does she still care for herself, but also her handicapped daughter, Starr. Starr has been in a wheelchair for most of her life. Just recently, it got to the point where someone has to come put her to bed and get her up in the morning. This past week, though, my great-grandma was going out to get the paper, and when walking back up the ramp, she fell backwards. Thankfully, the man had not come to get Starr up yet, and when he arrived he found her and called the ambulance. She had broken her hip and has been in the hospital since then. My grandparents have been visiting her and staying with Starr some. Thankfully they are retired and can do this, but I know they are worn out!

Me, my sisters, and cousin with Grandma

Mom and Grandma
The girls with my grandparents and great grandma

Daniel and I went out to Canton/Woodstock yesterday. We visited with Starr for a couple of hours since she is there by herself some right now. They had just gotten my great grandma moved to a rehabilitation center, so we were able to go visit her there. She is doing much better. Hopefully in a month or so, she will be back home. She is a very strong woman and I am thankful to have her in my life, along with Starr and my grandparents. It is a blessing that they are able to help out during this time. I am so glad that we were able to go visit them yesterday since we do not make it out there too often.


Afterwards, we rewarded ourselves with some Chili's since it was $$$ day!!! My first real paycheck! I'm ready to go shopping now! Ha! Once again, those new chicken club quesadillas hit the spot!!! :) Today...just relaxing, couponing, watching Netflix, and blogging! Oh, and tomorrow, picking up a special gift! Can't wait to share it with everyone!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

That's What I Love About Sunday!

I started this on Sunday, but am just now posting! Guess that shows how busy we have been! Last week was my first week at work. It was great! I am so blessed to have a job. I love everybody there and have really enjoyed getting to know everyone and finally use what I learned in college. Last week I did a lot of training and then worked in the bookkeeping department some. This week I have gotten to go out on an audit which has been fun. Enough about the working world...

We really enjoyed our Sunday. We got to go see little Julia get dedicated at church Sunday morning. Daniel works with Todd and we are friends with both he and his wife, Layla. They had their little girl earlier this year. She is adorable. Here are some pics of her dedication.

Afterwards, we met my parents and Olivia for lunch at El Centinela. Since I was in Mexican mood, I came home and made another bowl of homemade salsa! I am loving that I now know how to make one of our favorite foods.

We got lots of visitors Sunday. I enjoyed seeing friends...it made my Sunday! Baileigh and Ellen came by to visit during the afternoon. I hadn't seen Ellen since our wedding. I'm so glad they decided to come by, I miss seeing my college friends and sisters all the time! Kristen came by later to bring us some okra from their garden! She told us all about the cruise she just got back from. We enjoyed catching up! [I feel like I should have seen Lauren on Sunday, too! Haven't seen her in a few weeks. She GRADUATED Friday though, and is at the beach celebrating! So excited for you, Lauen!] And that's what I love about Sunday!

On one last note...Daniel's cousin, Allison, her husband, Hugo, and their two daughters, moved to Jefferson yesterday from Destin, FL. I enjoyed meeting them last night while Daniel helped them move stuff in. We are excited to have them living so close to us!

Enjoy the rest of your week!!!